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Double Lantern generates lasting use and impact in our work, regularly asking, "How are we adding value?" and "How are we helping move informatics forward?"
We lean on lived experience through our many diverse projects, which give us intrinsic knowledge to apply in new settings. We bring sound judgment and expertise that help us build relationships and push work efforts to new heights, benefiting all interested parties.

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Advisment for Healthcarae

When developing, piloting and successfully implementing a health care application, coming up with your idea is just the first step in the process. If done deliberately, it can lead to scalable, sustainable solutions for advancing patient care and clinician workflow. But what do you need to consider as you head down this path? How can you craft an approach that will position you as a valued partner to health care organizations? 


We offer advisement and support for health care application development, guiding you through how to engage with health care, navigate operational and clinical considerations, and make it easy for health care to work with you. 


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We meet with you one-on-one to understand where you are today, the wins you have accomplished and the challenges you are facing. We deliver an executive summary with key recommendations for next steps.


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We provide a series of engagements with up to five members of your team to understand the landscape of your progress and where you seek to go. We deliver a report of synthesized learnings with action items for your team.

Consulting Services


Double Lantern Blue line icon Communication

When it comes to communications, we believe that words matter and storytelling is powerful. We blend high-impact content with user-centered graphic design for approachable informatics communications. With change management in mind, we gather communications and training requirements with a pragmatic approach, so we can organize information tailored to the audience of interest and disseminate it to the right people at the right time.


  • Health care and public health are increasingly linked, from daily operations to federal rule-making. When analyzing new governance and engaging in dialogue with lawmakers and regulators, having an understanding of impacts is key.

  • We stay up-to-date on the regulatory and sub-regulatory spaces, and excel in facilitating consensus-based comment authoring for clients. We ensure that the frontline voices are heard, helping the public and private sector move together into the future.

Double Lantern Blue line icon PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT & MANAGEMENT
  • Program management requires emphasis on strategy and also exceptional delivery of day-to-day operations. We shine in our ability to balance forward thinking with consistent daily work, and are known for our excellent documentation of work products.

  • Establishing a new program to resolve a business need, while also keeping the lights on within your organization, means that your current team may not have the time necessary to thoughtfully understand your business requirements, design it, implement it and sustain the effort after initial launch as your new program becomes a part of your culture. We have a history of partnering with health care, public health and nonprofit organizations to develop programs customized to specific business needs.

Double Lantern Blue line icon TECHNICAL ADVISEMENT

Informatics sits at the intersection between users/operations and technical developers. We serve as technical translators between the two, helping usher projects/products/pilots forward.


This takes understanding:

  • Health care data standards

  • Software development cycle

  • Designing technology for technical acceptance and scalability

  • Requirements gathering

  • Determining product-market fit, piloting and iterating. 

Double Lantern Blue line icon Project Management

When organizations have a vision or a project to complete, Double Lantern gets work done. Leaning on best practices in project documentation and experience in managing projects across sizes and complexity, we commit to seeing your project through to completion, hand in hand with your team and with the judgment to engage as appropriate with all partners. We are known for being on-time, thorough and goal-oriented.

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Informatics is pervasive, but the barrier to entry can feel daunting to those new to the concepts, jargon and key players, especially given the pace of advancement.


We keep our fingers on the pulse of the industry and are skilled in distilling the noise into universal concepts, especially for adult learners. We are experienced, graduate-level instructors in public health informatics, and provide curriculum development or instructional services to support the public health and healthcare informatics workforce.

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