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From Ghosted to Welcomed: 
Developing FHIR-based solutions with healthcare technology acceptance in mind.

This presentation was originally recorded during the January 2024 HL7 Connectathon & Working Group Meeting.

When it comes to developing, piloting and successfully implementing a healthcare application, coming up with your idea and completing initial testing are the first steps. The subsequent process toward healthcare technology acceptance, if done deliberately, can lead to scalable, sustainable solutions for advancing patient care and clinician workflow. But what do you need to consider as you head down this process? What are approaches to take to be welcomed by healthcare organizations as valued partners?


In this brief educational session, Elizabeth Sprouse and Adele Stewart provide some points to ponder for your next steps in taking your solution forward. With the 30 minutes at hand, they focus on three topics. Viewers will learn to: 

  • Prepare to engage with health care

  • Consider the operational and clinical barriers and facilitators to a solution

  • Develop the treasured support documents you should have on hand to become best friends with a Project Management Office

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