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We light the path forward for clients’ health care and public health informatics efforts - and then artfully and consistently carry through that path for lasting impact and acceptability.

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Double Lantern counsels large and small teams with big health care problems to solve, prioritizing scalability, sustainability and frictionless application. 


When organizations have a vision, program or project to complete, Double Lantern is there to ensure the work gets done seamlessly, on time and with minimal stress.

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Elizabeth Sprouse Founder of Double Lantern Informatics

Elizabeth Sprouse


I am passionate about making a lasting impact on public health and improving the lives of others.

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Adele Stewart

Senior Manager

I am passionate about responsibly using data to power decision-making and help people achieve their health goals.

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Jessie Lane

Senior Consultant

I am passionate about creating thoughtful communications and impactful projects to connect people and help them thrive.

Double Lantern Informatics Our mission Script

Our Mission

Our mission is to light new paths, cultivate connections, ignite possibilities and foster enduring progress toward health and dignity.

We are here to improve the lives of this generation and those that follow. Together, we can make a lasting and memorable impact.

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Double Lantern Informatics Core Values Script

Our core values

Double Lantern Informatics Core Values Script Dignity

Health and dignity are foundational to well-being. Understanding that, until we all achieve well-being, no one has. This drives us every day to contribute through our work to projects that improve lives. 

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We are all about relationships. 

We call ourselves Double Lantern because we are known to illuminate the untrodden path and light the way to unexpected results. We hope you'll let us be a part of your journey!


There is more health and public health data at our fingertips today than there was yesterday. But can this information actually help solve the most pressing problems? With the responsible use of data and informatics, we think it can.

The health care and public health contexts are complex - organizations are working to provide evidence-based services, keep the lights on, support their teams, advocate for ethical and effective policies, and ensure that no statistic loses its underlying meaning: that of life and health. 

Our team is dedicated to helping clients access actionable data today so that they can prevent the diseases of tomorrow. We use informatics to paint the full picture of the systems at play, so our partners are well-equipped to traverse the landscapes they navigate. 

Most of all, we take pride in spending every day helping patients, populations and professionals get closer to wellness.

Our Work

As the program development and management consultant for a clinical builder program at an academic medical center, Double Lantern spun up the program’s governance, including a charter, standard operating procedure and a steering committee, and helped recruit more than 50 program participants. Elizabeth supported a multi-specialty pilot cohort of clinicians alongside information technology analysts, from training enrollment to project completion, thereby enhancing the electronic health record platform functionality, allowing IT resources to focus on top-of-skill improvements and improving clinicians’ joy of practice.

Let’s Work Together

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